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Today, the vast majority of legal disputes are resolved outside the courtroom through dispute resolution. Expert negotiation, mediation and arbitration skills are absolutely vital to the practice of law in the 21st century. Dispute resolution is a part of every area of practice, from family law to business and criminal law. Indeed, even trial lawyers must be familiar with dispute resolution processes given that the overwhelming majority – over 96% in Texas -- of both civil cases and criminal cases don’t go to jury trial and are resolved through dispute resolution procedures. Texas A&M School of Law's nationally ranked AGGIE争议解决方案, #1 in Texas, offers a strong, practical foundation to build these critical skills.


无论实践领域如何,律师都参与了谈判,调解和仲裁的争议解决程序。 交易律师 谈判合同 - 和工艺定制争议解决条款。律师参与立法或法规不可避免地与利益攸关方进行谈判,并在执法行动中使用谈判,调解和仲裁。 诉讼剂,民间和刑事,代表客户不断洽谈。民事诉讼程序还代表了调解课程的客户(有时是法庭订购,其他时代自愿和私人)和仲裁程序。律师甚至在设计新的争议解决系统时帮助他们的客户。


Texas A&M Law prepares its students for dispute resolution practice with a broad curriculum of courses designed to develop skills and knowledge regarding the relevant law and ethics of negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other dispute resolution processes. Every Texas A&M law student participates in a hands-on, required 1L 争端解决方案 Survey course held during the Winter semester. Students may also dive much deeper by taking advantage of dispute resolution-related symposia and other events, earning a 争议解决浓度,参加争议解决的争议 全球外地课程,或服务于 ADR比赛团队。最后,学生们参加了 Texas A&M Law’s clinics 可以代表谈判和调解中的现实生活客户。


 ADR facultyTexas A&M offers all of these opportunities due to the breadth, depth and activities of its 争端解决方案 Program faculty team. Their expertise reflects the integration of dispute resolution into many different practice areas.

  • cynthia Alkon. 专门从事刑法申请。
  • 迈克尔绿色 侧重于工作场所的仲裁和调解。
  • 彼得里利 关于商业法中的争议解决方案教学和写作。
  • 卡罗尔保利 整合新闻,法律写作和争议解决。
  • Guillermo Garcia是国际石油交易学者,向学生介绍了国际仲裁的商业和投资相关的争议。
  • 在她的奖学金和教学中, 南希威尔士 考虑争议解决,民事诉讼和其他程序法领域之间的联系。
In addition, many other members of Texas A&M’s faculty touch upon dispute resolution topics in their scholarship and courses.


Texas A&M Law expands the opportunities for students to study ​dispute resolution across the globe through 全球律师争议解决现场研究.


March 2020 Symposium Zoom confMarch 2020 has been a busy month for Texas A&M Law’s 争端解决方案 Program.        

Michael-Z-Green-thumb教授 迈克尔Z。绿色 当选为仲裁员的国家科学院,劳动就业仲裁员在U .S的官方组织。和加拿大,为他的奖学金和领导活动认可。

Guillermo Garcia 教授 Guillermo j。加西亚桑切斯 expands Aggie Law's global reach in dispute resolution and arbitration, opening new opportunities for Texas A&M Law students and faculty to collaborate with leading academic institutions in Europe.



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由于关于冠状病毒大流行的担忧,3月20日,2020年的研讨会未被举行。但是,研讨会作者的文章将发表于此 Texas A&M Law Review俄亥俄州争端解决杂志.  In October, 2020, Texas A&M’s AGGIE争议解决方案 will begin to post online interviews and conversations with the symposium authors regarding their articles.​