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Texas word cloud位置: 德克萨斯州是学习法律的地方,如果您有兴趣参与我们作为一个国家所面临的最大挑战。德克萨斯州是土地面积和人口第二大国家。鉴于我们在该国的规模和中心地位,我们的复杂政治景观,我们的城乡特色,我们作为边境州的地位,以及我们的快速增长,如果我们,没有问题,如果我们可以在德克萨斯州解决它。

生活质量: 选择法学院意味着您在未来几年内选择您的家,您将无法找到更好的学习和生活的地方 达拉斯/沃思堡Metroplex。被指定为美国“最宜居社区”之一,沃思堡骄傲本身就是成为牛仔,文化,商业和社区的城市。达拉斯/沃思堡Metroplex提供欢迎的社区,生活成本低(低于全国平均水平)和强大的经济。

景点: 在沃思堡和达拉斯/沃思堡的达尔斯克斯克斯,您将可以使用您预期的所有博物馆,餐馆,娱乐,户外活动和您所期望在全国的第四大都市地区的职业运动队。从世界级别的牲畜饲养员到世界一流的低音表演大厅,并从嘻哈乐场,使其成为托管的博物馆的“时髦的城镇” 2019年美国十大艺术展品(根据 华尔街日报),在堡垒价值中没有任何东西无法找到。

为什么得克萨斯 A&M?


国家互惠: 德克萨斯州现在提供统一的酒吧考试(UBE),允许毕业生转移到其他司法管辖区。 UBE目前在38个州提供,使您的法律许可证易于在国家之间转移。 2020年,我们的学生在阿拉伯山,亚利桑那州,阿肯色州,加利福尼亚,科罗拉多州,乔治亚州,密苏里州,内华达州,新墨西哥州,纽约,北卡罗来纳州,俄勒冈州,田纳西州,犹他州和弗吉尼亚州的酒吧考试。 

AGGIE网络: Texas A&M University is proud to have produced over 500,000 former students who are famously loyal to the University and to one another. Our former students can be found all over the nation and across the globe. 探索AGGIE网络的实力.

Making the right choice to come to Texas A&M:

Jacob Morales'19 - 亚利桑那州Mesa

Jacob Morales

open quote iconI am proud to have attended Texas A&M School of Law because I find that work is more meaningful when you know you are a part of setting the standard at a rising institution. I also hope that my success as a first generation Latinx lawyer allows other aspiring law students from a similar background to know that there is space for them at Texas A&M University School of Law and in the legal field at large.close quote icon


Caroline Cochonour '21 - 伊利诺伊州芝加哥

Caroline Cochonour

open quote iconBeing an out of state student, I knew getting an Aggie Ring was a big deal, but it wasn’t until I put mine on that I realized just how much it meant to me! The past 二 years, while incredibly rewarding, have also been the most challenging of my life thus far. My Aggie Ring represents the hard work, resilience, and my love for all that Texas A&M Law School has given me during my time here.close quote icon


Alexandra Lizano '20 - 萨克拉门托,加利福尼亚州

Alexandra Lizano

open quote iconLooking back, leaving California was the best decision I could have made to eventually get back home. Texas A&M Law School, as an entity, is a national force to be reckoned with. The incredible growth of the law school in recent years has attracted the most intelligent and diverse professors and peers. Even though I went to law school in Texas, I received a nationally significant education. It is this foundation from Texas A&M that will continue to benefit me back home in California.close quote icon