Texas A&M Law Hosts Supreme Court of Texas



“May it please the Court,” began the oral argument of the first attorney presenting to the Supreme Court of Texas, convened in a packed auditorium at Texas A&M University School of Law in Fort Worth during the morning of October 10. 

在问题在法庭上为两种情况:第一 - 威廉·布鲁尔诉伦诺克斯保健品 (案例18-0426),涉及律师的制裁;第二个 - 在重:穆林穆林兄弟 (案例18-0737),其中介绍了如何时,他们的业主发生冲突时组织代表。

Supreme Court of TX with BobbyTexas A&M School of Law Dean 罗伯特·阿迪 (center) with the 得克萨斯州最高法院大法官



法学院院长 罗伯特·阿迪 欢迎来自当地社区法院,教师,职员和学校学生,以及有兴趣的游客。 “我们的学生将在他们的最好的经验,我们法律界的代表 - 看看我们的法律是怎么做的,”他说。

Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht expressed his appreciation to the Texas A&M School of Law for hosting the session, and he provided a short history of the Court’s 20-year program of holding sessions at venues away from Austin, that included a visit in 1999 to this particular campus, then being the Texas Wesleyan School of Law.

“从1998年开始,我们已经尝试每年两次奥斯汀外坐 - 一次在春季,再次在秋天,”大法官赫克特说。他列举这些访问的优势,包括提供机会给公众在状态为“亲眼见证工作德州司法系统。”



Supreme Court of TX student questionsFollowing the oral arguments, the Court answered questions from Texas A&M Law students
继口头辩论,法学院教授 尼尔sobol moderated a Q&A session with the Court for the law students in attendance. “The visit provided an excellent opportunity for our students to see the Texas Supreme Court and attorneys in a live setting. Additionally, the Justices not only graciously responded to questions after the morning hearings but also met with students at lunch and participated in our classes in the afternoon. Our law students were able to see how the concepts we discuss in class are used in the real world,” Sobol said.

The students expressed their appreciation for this rare experience provided by the Texas A&M School of Law. First-year law student Isabelle Chapman stated: “I am so thrilled to be able to witness oral arguments in person. I feel very fortunate that the university has worked to get us this event.”

Attorney and past State Senator Ted Lyon, attending the oral arguments, commented that the visit by the Texas Supreme Court to the Texas A&M School of Law “is wonderful because it gives law students the opportunity to see some of the best attorneys anywhere argue an important aspect of the law. I wish they’d done that back when I was in law school.” He added, “I was very impressed with the school, its faculty and those I met. Everyone was very welcoming.”

Dean Ahdieh sees the visit as emblematic of the role of the school. "Texas A&M School of Law aims to serve as a 'meeting place' for the legal and business communities of Fort Worth, North Texas and Texas to come together and engage the most challenging social, political and economic issues of the day. The Court's visit offered an exciting opportunity for just such engagement,” he said.

“法院的多天的访问法学院和更广泛的社区参与的努力和耐心,通过我们这么多的教师和工作人员的拉扯 - 所有的人,我是非常感谢的,”阿迪补充。

In addition to the oral arguments and Q&A session, the Court visit included a lunch with student leaders, classroom visits, a guided tour of the 首席法官乔河绿色的山 (在得克萨斯州最高法院历史上任职时间最长的正义)在学校的迪特藏室。学家凯利法库,与塔兰特县律师协会接待,并与法学院举办了当地法律界的晚宴。

“The Court's intent for an oral-argument setting outside Austin, as at Texas A&M School of Law, is primarily educational. And by that measure, our visit to Fort Worth was without doubt successful. But more than the opportunity to engage with students and faculty and the Tarrant County Bar Association, we were delighted with the hospitality shown us, truly a tribute to a city known for where the West begins,” said Chief Justice Hecht.

First-year law student Reese Griffin praised the school. “The opportunity to see the Texas Supreme Court makes me proud to attend Texas A&M School of Law,” he said.

Senator Lyon put it succinctly: “Texas A&M School of Law is hitting it out of the park!”

Watch the Court recordings of the oral arguments on cases heard at Texas A&M School of Law: