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Since Texas A&M acquired the law school, we've increased funding for scholarships, hired top faculty and reduced class sizes.


Discover Law logo and CLEO logoAs a major public institution of higher education, Texas A&M University has both an extraordinary opportunity and a special responsibility to create and maintain a climate that affirms diversity of persons as well as diversity of views. We explicitly acknowledge that diversity, in its many dimensions, provides significant educational benefits to our students, the university, and society at large. This benefit can only be realized by strengthening and maintaining the presence of students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds within our learning community, with full acknowledgement that this diversity enhances academic excellence. Our commitment to diversity is manifested in our partnership with institutions such as discoverlaw法律教育机会委员会(CLEO).



The 21st century lawyer has to do more than just try cases in court. You’ll be called upon to provide sound advice in the interpretation of complex regulations ensuring compliance, negotiate agreements, draft contracts, mediate disputes, and craft settlements. At Texas A&M School of Law, we’ve got you covered. Our innovative J.D. program emphasizes the importance of real-world legal skills that will fully prepare you for all aspects of a global career.



As a practicing lawyer, you will serve a wide variety of clients in various capacities, in countless industries and in myriad locations. At Texas A&M School of Law, you can keep your options open by pursuing a broad education, or you can choose one of three distinct paths we offer. Within each of these paths, you can even choose to concentrate on a particular area of practice like intellectual property, criminal law, estate planning, or business law.




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